Eboni Labrador Retrievers

Bird Island, MN 55310

We are simple retired country folk.  

  Raising healthy Labradors is our hobby.  We believe in preserving the Labrador breed's health and not passing on harmful genetic traits.


Our dogs have been trained to hunt.  We strive to pass that trait on through our puppies. The parents are all EIC and CNM clear by test or by parentage. Eyes are CERT. Hips OFA good or excellent.

Our dogs DO NOT have the silver color gene.


Puppies are handled many times during the day. Several types of noises are made to introduce them to different sounds.  A radio is on at all times. This assures that puppies are not easily startled.




Our puppies are introduced to bird wings and 

to water if the weather allows.

They are socialized by our grand children and other family members.

  The puppies run and play outside as soon as they are at least 3-4 weeks old.

This becomes our favorite time of the year!!

Mike and Gloria